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Welcome to Wicked Lash, your ultimate destination for exquisite lash extensions, lifts, and tints in Anderson, Clemson, Seneca, and Pendleton, SC. At Wicked Lash, we understand the power of lush, voluminous lashes.

Enhance Your Natural Beauty.

Lash extensions are not just an enhancement; they are an expression of your unique style. At Wicked Lash, I specialize in creating custom lash looks tailored to your eye shape, facial features, and personal preferences. I'll meticulously apply individual lash extensions, adding length, volume, and definition to your lashes. The result? A natural, yet dramatic, gaze that captivates.

Quality and Safety.

It's my mission to prioritize the health of your natural lashes. Using high-quality, lightweight extensions and industry-approved adhesive, I ensure a seamless blend between your natural lashes and the extensions. The process is comfortable and safe, leaving you with stunning lashes that feel as good as they look.

Book Your Appointment Today!

Are you ready to enhance your natural beauty and embrace the allure of stunning lashes? Book your appointment at Wicked Lash and let me elevate your gaze to new heights. Experience the artistry of lash extensions, lifts, and tints that redefine your look with every blink. Contact me today and discover the beauty of Wicked Lash. Your journey to captivating lashes begins here.

The Beauty of Lash Lifts

For those seeking a natural and low-maintenance solution, our lash lifts are the perfect choice. Lash lifts enhance the natural curl of your lashes, opening up your eyes and providing an instant lift without the need for extensions. This service is ideal for clients looking for a subtle yet impactful change to their appearance.

Customized Curl and Lift

I'll assess your natural lash pattern and customize the lift to complement your eye shape. The result is beautifully lifted lashes that frame your eyes, giving you a refreshed and youthful appearance. Say goodbye to the hassle of curling your lashes daily – our lash lifts provide long-lasting results that redefine your look effortlessly.

Anderson Lash Lift and Tint.

Anderson Lash Tints: Embrace Effortless Elegance

The Beauty of Lash Tints

Lash tints are the ultimate solution for darker, more defined lashes without the need for mascara. My lash tinting service involves applying a safe, semi-permanent dye to your lashes, enhancing their natural color and depth. Whether you have light-colored or naturally dark lashes, lash tinting adds intensity and allure to your gaze.

Effortless Beauty

Imagine waking up every morning with beautifully tinted lashes that accentuate your eyes, without the hassle of mascara application. Lash tints provide a low-maintenance solution for those who desire effortlessly elegant lashes. At Wicked Lash, I offer a range of tint shades to complement your skin tone and personal style.

Clemson Lash Lift and Tint done correctly at Wicked Lash.

Highly trained and experienced in the art of lash extensions, lifts, and tints, and with a keen eye for detail and a passion for enhancing natural beauty, I'll deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Premium Products

I use only the highest quality lash extensions, lifts, and tints that are safe, durable, and comfortable. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, and I'll ensure that all products used in our services meet industry standards.

Conveniently Located in Clemson, SC

Wicked Lash is conveniently located in Clemson, SC, serving clients from Clemson, Anderson, Pendleton, Easley, Seneca, and surrounding communities. Our centrally located studio offers a serene and welcoming atmosphere where you can relax and indulge in a transformative lash experience.

Customization for Every Client

I understand that every client is unique. Whether you desire a subtle, everyday look or a bold, glamorous style, I'll tailor our lash extensions to match your preferences. From natural classics to dramatic volume, I offer a wide range of styles to choose from, ensuring you get the lashes you've always dreamed of.


Eboni Johnson
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"Bree did an amazing job on my lashes! The atmosphere was relaxing and she was very professional. I receive so many compliments on her work . As long as she is in business, I will never go anywhere else :)"
Sonya Story
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"I’ve been very happy with my lashes from Bree! She is wonderful at making sure I get the look I want and my lashes stay on great and look amazing. She’s also super sweet and a joy to see! I highly recommend Bree!"
Laura T
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"Bree did a fabulous job on my eyelashes. I went to my sister’s wedding this past weekend and received so many compliments how nice my eyes looked! I will definitely be booking with Bree again next month!"
Allison Whitlock
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"I definitely recommend Bree! She is absolutely amazing at what she does. I haven’t had eyelash extensions in years and it was hard to decide who to go to not knowing anyone from around here. I don’t regret coming to Bree though, she took care of me and gave exactly what I wanted! I’ll be going to her from now on. You won’t regret choosing her!"
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